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Arrow Repair 915 Transmission 'Stub Shaft Seals'.

I will be posting pictures & narration of the repair of my stub shaft oil seals for our 'Home Repair' patrons.
My starting point:
1:Jack up & safely support car at least 24" to gain access to freely turn
2:Secure wheels to prevent rotation while removing CV Joint 6mm hex
socket screws to Stub Shaft Flange. I chose to never completely
remove these screws keeping the CV Joint in place to the axle.
3:I chose to support CV Joints from hanging freely by a stand.
4:Clean out Stub Shaft Flange grerase. Clean out CV Boot grease.
5:I inserted 2 screws, as shown, to brace from rotation when removing 19
mm Retaining Hex Bolt.
6:Pry out ols seals. Shown suggestion of pry bar.
7:Replace new seals, Dry, by slowly tapping in to place then pound them
in,recessed ~1/16", by using a Rubber Mallet.
8:Replace Stub Shaft, by slowly engaguing splines in to Trans Gears to
its original position. Not to worry in replacing Stub Shaft Flange at same degree
removed from. Replace 2 screws as bracing & position pry bar to
prevent rotation & tighten stub Shaft Bolt to 23 Ft#.
9:Repack stub shaft center with grease. Repack CV Boots.
10:Lift the Wheel Hub, compressing the shock as far as can not actually
lifting the car from the Jack Supports. This is to gain free space to position
the CV Joint Boot Flange to the stub shaft flange face.
11:Secure the hex socket screws to -- Ft/#.
12: Replacing & Securing Boot Clamps. *Very Important*, if you don't
have or can't rent or don't have access to, **or don't happen to be fortunate
enough as I, to have had a Father who was a Veterinarian who handed down
shown "Bulls Testicle Removal Tool", then you will have to buy a Clamp Crimping Tool.

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