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Re: Carrera 3.0 RofW Key Configurations

Yes, two black and red keys came in all markets PLUS for 1976 one of the black keys was replaced with the square head lighted key (which most have been thrown out as I think owner's replaced with later keys).

The red/black keys came attached to a red DOM key tag, reproductions of which are available from Orange Bar Products though I don't see it on their website right now, I think they have them. You can find their posting about them here:

Reproductions of other items relevant to Carrera 3.0:

* Pudenz pack reproductions for the toolkit:

* Lackstift touch-up paint that was available in the mid-1970s:

And links for the following at

* Silver ECE door jam stickers

* Correct replacement headliner from NOSGRUPPE

* Correct SWF reproduction wiper blades from Auto Foreign Services

* Orange "PRESS" seat belt labels
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