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rafaroman 01-10-2015 05:49 PM

Just to introduce myself
Dear porsche friends,
My name is Rafael Roman and I just had the privilege to be accepted in your PCA C3 Registry. I am specially grateful as I am a Porsche Club Mexico (PCM) member and, even though this registry is intended for PCA members, the authorities made an exception to let me join. I am the owner of the only Carrera 3.0 registered in PCM, and Ive never seen another one in Mexico in any event.

PCM is a small club by your standards. To give you an idea, we are about 130 members that regularly pay our membership fees, and about 40 of us meet more or less every two weeks. We are based in Mexico City. We have a good relationship with Porsche Mexico and we do have our yearly Porsche Parade. Even though we are a small group, I would rate the average quality of our cars as high; and some of our members have several and very special cars.

I bought my C3 in 2011 and is my first Porsche. The first time I saw it, I was having dinner in a restaurant across the street from the used cars lot of a jaguar dealership. After a couple glasses of wine, I crossed the street to take a look at it. Even though by that time I had already spent a couple of years looking at vintage 911s on the Internet, and reading about them, I was not very familiar with the C3 and the seller didn't motivate me at all. He didn't had the keys to show it properly and he assured me that I could get a better car for the money in eBay.

So I went home. It was a friday night. But I got hooked on that car, and started investigating... I soon realized that it was a much more interesting car than an SC... But I was able to go back to that lot about 3 weeks later and the car had already been sold... Damn!

To my surprise, 3 months later I found the same car advertised on the Internet. It was for sale in Cuernavaca, 70 kms from Mexico City. The owner thought it was too much of a challenge for him and wanted to trade it for a boxster...... Yeah!!!! I arranged to see it and went with cash in hand. I tried to play the expert and actually took the car to an alignment shop to lift it and check the undercarriage, but honestly I had an urge to pay for it and take it home. That day, I drove it home at 140 km/hr with the brake calipers severely stuck, front wheel alignment significantly off, 20 + years tires, no lights, no horn..... Through the mountain highway that connects Cuernavaca to Mexico City. I arrived safe and sound.

Shortly after that, I joined PCM. Ive had a lot of fun this past 4 years and I have improved my car significantly.

My intention in this forum is to share and gain experience on improving these cars and also to have fun and share the the passion! See you around!

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